A field-building experience where executives deepen their commitments to internal organizational change processes

The Presidents’ Forum focuses specifically on racial and ethnic equity by developing a peer-to-peer support and learning network through facilitated dialogue for CEOs who are dedicated to shifting the tide of philanthropy toward a diversified, equitable, and inclusive giving community.

The goal of the Presidents’ Forum is to create a space where CEOs can candidly discuss the most difficult issues and trade-offs around equity and think through these important issues with others facing the same or similar questions.

Foundation CEOs uniquely wrestle with a wide array of issues associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally and externally. Each foundation emphasizes different aspects of the challenge and has devised approaches and solutions that fit its particular organization.

Our Team

The Presidents’ Forum is managed by Keecha Harris and Associates, in collaboration with the Institute for Strategic and Equitable Development.

Our Partners

InPartnership Consulting, Inc., is an organizational development and strategic change firm that assesses, designs and delivers programs that foster inclusive environments in which leadership and teamwork can flourish.

Ali Webb Strategies advises leaders and advances strategies that help organizations bridge the gap between expectations and outcomes.

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