Racial Equity
In Philanthropy

A field-building experience where executives deepen their commitments to internal organizational change processes

Our Purpose

The goal of the Presidents’ Forum is to create a space where CEOs can candidly discuss the most difficult issues and trade-offs around equity and think through these important issues with others facing the same or similar questions.

We have to admit complicity, that every part of foundations, source of money, connections, is entirely steeped in a capitalist white supremacist model.

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Our Focus

The Presidents’ Forum focuses specifically on racial and ethnic equity by developing a peer-to-peer support and learning network through facilitated dialogue for CEOs who are dedicated to shifting the tide of philanthropy toward a diversified, equitable, and inclusive giving community.

Our Partners

The Presidents’ Forum is implemented in partnership with the Institute of Strategic and Equitable Development by KHA and its co-convener, Ali Webb Strategies.

Contribute to Our Work

Please consider supporting the Institute for Strategic and Equitable Development. Your financial donation supports the Presidents’ Forum on Racial Equity in Philanthropy.

If you represent a private sector organization and are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email admin@khandassociates.com. Otherwise, please use the “Donate” button below.

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